Secure Code Paractices

Computer software are prone to vulnerabilities. Even a small bug in the software can make it vulnerable and attackers use these vulnerabilities to exploit or get into the system. Once this vulnerability is exploited, organization’s valuable information can be compromised. The loss can run into billions to trillions of dollars.

Software security, is therefore, a critical area in securing assets. It helps you to design and implement software that protects the data and resources contained in and controlled by that software. It is itself a critical resource and thus requires immense priority and importance.

As “Mitigators”, we ensure that security appears at all stages in the development lifecycle, including development, system design, implementation, testing & validation and maintenance. We consider tasks and methodologies that enhance a software system's design, including threat modeling and attack surface reduction.

Dependence on information technology makes software assurance a key element of business continuity, risk management and national security.

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